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DOMINO has found his furrytail ending!

It's very important to us that people don't rush into their decision to adopt on impulse. Perhaps Peta & Jamie took it to the extreme though, fostering Domino for more than 5 months before deciding that he was well and truly a member of the family for good!

Domi is actually the 4th rescue Husky to be adopted by Peta & Jamie and we are thrilled to have them as 'repeat customers'. Congrats to them for rounding out their existing pack of Sesko & Zed, with dearly departed Mama Kia watching over them all from Rainbow Bridge (where I'm sure she rules with an iron paw!) Thank you to Atticus the Fairy Dogbrother for sponsoring Domino during his time in foster care. ​

Happy furrytail ending, Domino!

Hey! I’m Domino…named as such because I’m a bit dotty. You see, I’m what’s known as a piebald Husky…check out my unusual markings and while you’re at it, my bi-eyed gaze of one brown eye & one blue. A fairly striking fellow, yes? Well, have you ever met someone who is overflowing with so much enthusiasm that it’s contagious? Now you have! I’m the kind of guy who is larger than life – I play hard, run hard, love hard! So let me talk you through each one…

Play hard…I love other dogs & definitely need a canine playbuddy please, but no cats, no way! While I’m OK with small dogs under strict supervision, I’d much prefer a fursibling of a similar size to me for rough-housing, endless games of bitey-face, wrestling & tug-o-war. I also love super-tough toys that can stand up to my rowdy tendencies. My exuberant nature means that I need a home where any children are aged over 11 & can be supervised with me. I wouldn’t mean to hurt anyone but being an excitable, boisterous young man, I’m not always all that self-aware. Fencing in my new home should be 6ft high & digproof to keep all my adventures happening safely within your yard.

Run hard…With all this energy to burn, I need your help to get it out of my system on a daily basis. My foster parents are currently providing me with 2.5 hours of exercise a day, split into walk time & play time. Because they’re such smart cookies, they’ve harnessed my energy, speed & strength…literally! That’s right, they’ve been taking me dryland sledding & teaching me the appropriate commands. I’m still working on building my fitness & endurance, but my natural ability & big heart will take me far. Love hard…I’m all about the love. Friendly & people-focused, I long to be your shadow. While I’m content outside as well, I much prefer to be inside the house where the humans are. Really, I’d be happy to snuggle up to you all day & night if you let me….interspersed with bursts of mad playing of course. I have very basic obedience but would benefit from more training, especially with leash manners. Cuddles, belly rubs, pats & praise are all good currency to get me to co-operate but if we’re being honest, food is a pretty darn reliable motivator. Treats make me a much quicker learner.

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