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KITANA has found her furrytail ending!

Some dogs just steal your heart. And your shoes. And random pieces of expensive underwear. And you love them anyway. Lucky Kitana has found herself a forever family who can accept that a few little quirks are just part of her lovable personality. We are very happy to announce that our little monkey with the heart-shaped nose has become a valued member of the Costa family. Congratulations to all! Heartfelt thanks go to Kitana's foster parents, Alecia & Steve, who did a brilliant job with her. And to her furry guardian angel, Miss Chompey Heremia-Tarau, who sponsored her from up in doggy heaven. ​

Happy furrytail ending, Kitana!

Look at my nose carefully and you'll get a hint as to what makes my world go around...did you see the heart shape? Let's just say that if I was a cartoon character, I'd be a female Pepe Le Pew, as my reason for living is to love and be loved. My favourite place to be is where you are and I’m very demonstrative with my affection. I like to jump up on you and literally cuddle you with my paws, climb up into your lap or spoon you in bed. I love to be touching you – putting my paw on your leg, lying across your feet or Iaying my head in your lap and gazing at you adoringly. You can almost see the cartoon hearts in my eyes. Of course, I’m housetrained as I like to be inside the house with you as much as I can, but I’m OK with spending time outside also. Secure fencing of 5ft minimum is required to keep me safely in your yard. I’d love a large, playful, male doggy friend for company, but I’ll cope as an only dog if you’re home a lot and intend to include me as an important part of your day-to-day life. I’ll need a home without small dogs, cats or other tasty little morsels and due to my boisterous nature, any kids in the home will need to be high school age or older.

Being a pup still, I’m brimming with enthusiasm and energy and will need your help to harness it constructively. I’ll require a daily walk or run and perhaps the occasional swim or dog park trip. With some typical puppy tendencies like chewing and digging, giving me some enrichment activities will keep my mind as busy as my body. My previous owners didn’t spend any time training me, so my manners need a little work, but since I bond to people at the speed of light, this will work in your favour as I long to please you. With some training, patience and guidance, you’ll find yourself with the best little companion you could hope for.

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