It will go down in history as one of the most brain-bending, frustrating and yet rewarding enrichment activities of all time - the Rubik's Cube.  Well, it is 2020 people, so with a slight spelling upgrade I'm pleased to introduce myself as the canine version of that very puzzle.

You see, I'm just like a Rubik's Cube.  Some people might find me frustrating and just don't get me.  I'm a young Husky so that's no surprise.  I'm full of beans and always on the go (my photos should give that hint).  If left to my own devices for too long with no stimulation, then I tend to find things to chew on - I must have my own range of allowable items to chew, otherwise I'll choose my own.

But if you keep at me, keep working on it and stick to it, then I promise I'm very rewarding once you figure me out, and then there's no stopping us!


My world revolves around 3 things - people, treats and fun.  Whilst I'm as friendly as they come, my people need to be school aged or older just due to my high energy levels and bounciness.  If I could have people that are home more often than not and I'm included as a member of the family, then all my wildest dreams would have come true!

And who doesn't love fun, right?  Even though I'm little (about 18kg), I really am a true pocket rocket.  I pull like the little engine that could on lead and I do love a good doggy play date.  Any small pets or animals need to be kept away from me - they provide a good incentive to chase and catch!  If I were to be an only dog, I could be happy with people home most of the day and doggy friends that I can catch up with from time to time.  Otherwise I'd also be happy with a medium to large canine brother or sister who likes a good play time but are also easy going.  I don't ask for much, huh?

If you've ever loved a Husky, like a real ridgey-didge one in every sense of the word, then you will understand me.  I'm a young, live-life-to-the-max boy who is a true representation of my breed.  I'm probably  not really your best starter Husky and would probably do really well in sports like sled racing.  Like most Huskies, I have lots of energy to burn, will need secure 6ft fences with no gaps to squeeze through, and won't suit a home with cats or other small pets.

In the end I can promise a life of fun with me and just like the cube, all the effort you put into me will be returned tenfold once you figure me out and know just how I work.