3 year old female

Location: Griffin, Qld

When there's so much to say and only a small amount of space to talk all about me, you have to get straight to the point.  So let's do it!  Hi, I'm Maya and I'm on the hunt for the perfect furever home.  I've had a few false starts in life, but I know the right family for me are just around the corner.  Could that be you?

I've been in and out of rescue since I was 5 months old.  Bought from a puppy shop and bred to line someone's pockets, I've had a little trouble finding my place in this world, but over the time I've had not one but two great foster carers and both have put a lot of time and energy into shaping me into a model canine citizen.  Sure, it's a work in progress and I'll need a home willing to help me with a few things, but what I can promise is that my cheeky and goofy bratty ways will melt even the hardest of hearts.  This next home is the one, I can feel it!

Maya Collage.png

Ideally, I'd like a home with no other dogs.  I currently live with a very friendly male Staffy and we get on great, but I can be very choosy on my doggy friends.  I've never really learned how to introduce myself to new doggy mates properly.  The Wolfhouse team have been helping me with that and I love my time there, but I'm still learning so a home with a large dog-experienced family but no other dogs would be great!  No small ask I know, but I might also be open to meeting with easy going medium sized male dogs who are smaller than me, but I can't promise anything.  Cats and other small pets are a no go unfortunately.

I've decided that escaping isn't really worth the drama, as long as you have a home with comfy lounges, cozy dog beds and belly rubs on tap!  I enjoy the odd sunbake and zoomy run in the backyard but I like to spend most of my time - especially night time - lazing around the house.  No idea why but the car is not my favourite thing.  I tend to get car sick - we are working on that - but I'm definitely happier staying close to home.  Just to be on the safe side, I'll still need secure fences of around 5ft or higher.

One thing you will notice is that I can sometimes walk like a drunken catwalk model on 6 inch heels.  The SHAMROQ crew had that all checked out and it turns out it's nothing crazy - just another quirk to admire.  I've been doing some hydrotherapy and underwater treadmill walking to help build up the muscles and that helps, but there are no underlying medical issues to worry about.

I could go on and on all about me, there's so much to tell.  But I think the best way to find out more, if you fit my criteria, is to meet me.  If you have the home I've talked about, with someone around a fair bit to love on me and children aged school-aged or older, then I'd love to hear from you.  Get in touch by clicking Apply below.

Adoption Fee: $450

Includes GST, Desexing, C5 vaccination, parasite treatment, microchip and transfer of microchip into new owner's name.

QLD Supply # BIN0000139144842


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