7 year old male

Location: Upper Caboolture, Qld

A survey done by the Today Show back in 2020 revealed that the naughtiest boys come with the name Jack.  I object!!!  Ok, so there may be a fraction of truth there, but I'm so much more!  I'm a pretty unique and somewhat complex guy who is looking for a very particular home.  True to the Kelpie half of my heritage, I'm extremely people focused.  My family is my world - my long, red tail constantly wags when we are together.

Let's spell out straight up what I'll need in my forever home.  You're gonna have to tick off these boxes:

  • Home more often than not

  • Secure climb-proof/dig-proof 6ft plus fencing

  • No children please

  • No other pets

I love playing fetch and will actually bring it back (there's that Kelpie bit again). 

Jack Collage.png

If you have a swimming pool, I'll jump for joy and dive straight on in.  You see, I love swimming!  I show so much joy for the things I enjoy most that I tend to get a little over excited.  I'm learning to rein in this joie de vivre, but it's a work in progress.

Another pass time at the top of my list is going for walk.  Again, my over-excitement can sometimes let me down, especially when I see other dogs.  I'm very strong and will require a dog-savvy, capable handler who is prepared to work with me whilst I learn to walk nicely on a lead.  Dog parks are a definite no go area for me as I'm still learning how to react to other dogs' cues.

Although I'm currently in foster care with other dogs, I would prefer a home where I'm your one and only.  If you have children, they'll need to be high school aged or older please, as my excitement levels are a bit OTT for the little ones.  Cats - well, me + kitty = no go.

I've proven to be a very athletic climber when spooked so secure fencing that cannot be climbed or dug under is a must.  Storms and fireworks don't seem to bother me but, between me and you, those pesky flies do.  I'm housetrained and, if I'm honest, prefer to spend most of my time indoors with my people.  My happy place is either on the floor at your feet or snuggled on the sofa next to you.  If you are a homebody and tend to be home more than not, then you are my type of peep!

Ok, so I might seem a little high maintenance right now, but in my defense I'm a very eager learner and, with the aid of a small treat, you can teach this middle aged dog new tricks!  (I don't like to brag but did you see me on Totally Wild showing off my skills?)  Another plus for me is that I've been crate trained and will happily sleep in a crate overnight or when you go out to the shops for a few hours.

To sum up, I have a lot of love to give and will be a very loyal companion.  Whilst I may sound like some work, whatever you put in will be returned ten fold in love and loyalty.  If you think we might make one heck of a partnership, then please click Apply below.

Adoption Fee: $450

Includes GST, Desexing, C5 vaccination, parasite treatment, microchip and transfer of microchip into new owner's name.

QLD Supply # BIN0000139144842