8 year old male

Location: Burpengary, Qld

I don't really lilke to talk about me, but they tell me that I have to introduce myself, so I'll give it a go. You see, I'm a little bit unsure & anxious of many things in life, but SHAMROQ, with the help of my dedicated carers, have shown me some courage and confidence, so here goes.

My world revolves around the attention and cuddles of my people.  I've been around other large female dogs and they're alright I guess, but they're not  allowed anywhere near my food or my people if it's my turn in the limelight, so I think ideally I'd like a home where I could be your one and only.  Another large, submissive girl might be okay, but we'd need our own space at feeding time.

I'm an inside dog, apart from at feed time when I have some time in the yard.  I like to sleep by my people just in case the bogeyman or one of those scary storms might jump out and get me.

I'm okay as long as you're there to snuggle and reassure me.  I can do kids, but ones that are a bit older and understand my boundaries will be best.  Cats and small pocket pets should be avoided for their own safety!  I've been well behaved lately but do have a history of digging under fences.  So, just to be sure, fences should be a minimum of 5ft in height, secure and not able to be dug under.  My current exercise regime consists of a daily jaunt of the neighbourhood.  I get all excited on lead to start with but will settle once we get into it. Swimming is becoming one of my new hobbies too!

Something you should know is that recently I've been diagnosed with Spondylosis of the spine.  Sounds scary, but it really isn't.  It's being managed with medication and exercises and I've now got a new lease on life!

If I could describe my perfect new family, it would be one where at least one of my people was always home to be with me.  Someone who had the perfect spot for me right by the lounge and the bed and would take me for car rides. Sounds simple enough, huh?  I do have some quirks that we need to work on together, but as the expectant Queen Beyonce has so wisely told us, "If everything was perfect, you would never learn and you would never grow."

If you think you're my type of people and want to help me continue to flourish, please click Apply below.

Adoption Fee: $350

Includes GST, Desexing, C5 vaccination, parasite treatment, microchip and transfer of microchip into new owner's name.

QLD Supply # BIN0000139144842

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*Dezi is sponsored by The Packer Pack (USA)