8 year old female


What are your favourite things about Summer?

- Evening sunset strolls

- Trips to the beach

- Lazing around under the palms

- Me??

Summer by name, Summer by nature, I'm a sweet girl that loves nothing more than being by your side, whether it's lazing under the trees getting plenty of belly rubs, on a short stroll around the block or inside in the air conditioning.

Whilst in foster care I've been allowed inside and outside - I much prefer being inside with my humans and my house training is impeccable.  My foster family has even left me unattended inside whilst they've been at work, so a home where I'm allowed inside more often than not is a must. 


I haven't shown any tendencies to explore on my own, so standard Husky fencing of 5-6ft with no gaps will keep me safe and secure.  If you want to see my Summer dance, all you have to do is pick up my lead, you see I love going out and about with you, although we do have to take it slow so I can make the absolute most out of my walk.  I like to take in the sights and smells, you can't rush these things.  Did you say Summer road trip?  Well, let me tell you, I dance for those too.  I'll sit beautifully in the backseat (secured of course) taking in the sights until we get to our next adventure.

Now other dogs, I'm not overly fond of sharing my space with them.  I don't react to them through screen doors but I don't feel comfortable with them in my personal space.  A home where I'm the only and only will be my happy place.  I haven't been tested with cats.