Archy & Pippa



5 year old male & female

Location: Sunnybank Hills, Qld

Should you choose a Husky that just goes with the flow and pretty much gets along with everyone, or one who will love you with all they have and just wants to be by your side? In the wise words of the little Old El Paso girl, 'Why not have both?'

Archy & Pippa came to our attention needing help when they had a bit of a run in with some livestock, as Huskies can do, so we are going to put it out there and say it loud for the people in the back, these 2 are not suited to a home with any other animals. Not small fluffy ones, not feathered ones who have a cage on the porch and certainly not ones who live with Old McDonald. 


This might make them sound scary or evil maybe, this is definitely not the case! They are merely Huskies. Goofy, lovable, ratbag Huskies that just happen not to mix well with others.

Archy & Pippa Template.png

In saying this, Pippa is a lover not a fighter. She doesn’t mind other dogs her size who can match her in a good game of zoomies or nose bop. But you see Archy only has eyes for Pippa. He needs her as his security blanket and does not appreciate her attention diverting to other dogs other than him. People on the other hand are a different story – they are what the world revolves around for both these dogs.

Archy might seem all full of bravado, but what he really is a big sook. He is scared of storms but this is managed with aids such as a Thundershirt and anxiety meds if it’s a bad one. Give him some cuddles and reassurance on the couch beside you to ride it through, sing the F*#k You Thunder song with him, and it will be fine.

To be sure everyone is safe and sound, these guys will need secure 6ft fences with no gaps underneath that can be used to dig out. Being energetic, we recommend they are not in a home with kids younger than 10 or so. The checklist for the perfect home for these guys includes energetic people who love regular walks and adventures; lots of car rides; an inside/outside home and just a lot of love and understanding.

Ying and Yang here are looking to make someone a readymade Husky family. Someone with Arctic breed experience or at least a fair bit of experience in large, energetic dog breeds and their quirks. They are bonded and we won’t separate them so they really need a family ready to take on double the love (and fun!). If this is you, please click Apply below.

Adoption Fee: $600 (for the pair)

Includes GST, Desexing, C5 vaccination, parasite treatment, microchip and transfer of microchip into new owner's name.

QLD Supply # BIN0000139144842